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Symbol of the Dyslexic Journey

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Before I head into the lazy days of summer, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of the people who have taken the time to reach out about the pqbd symbol. What started as an emblem to provide strength in IEP meetings has blossomed into a deeper symbol of the dyslexic journey. Once again I am humbled by the ways that art can lift and carry us to places that words are unable to achieve. Some of you have told me about your pqbd tattoo, the pqbd jewelry you wear or give, the conversations that were started, but most of all how this dyslexia symbol relates to you. I have received the most inspiring letters and phone calls about how the pqbd symbol has been meaningful on this personal journey. Hearing these stories keeps providing me encouragement for positive change. I thought I would share some simple excerpts. I am collecting these stories and always find them powerful!
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Rebecca Warner

“Love your work and so glad that you have created something to start the
conversation of dyslexia. My 8 year old was diagnosed 2 years ago. I see it
as a gift, but I also know that it truly is a fight to get the help they need. ”

“All of my life I have dealt with dyslexia and I wanted to put your symbol on my wrist… A sign of being a dyslexic and embracing it. ”

“I really want this for my daughter’s teacher who fought to get her identified. We got an
IEP today!”

“Nothing makes me feel more connected to the power of the common voice for awareness and change (and to my own son’s tiny voice hugging my heart), then when I feel the smooth weight of this shiny symbol against my skin.”

“My son was so excited to explain the symbolism of the pqbd to his teachers. It was the first time I had told him he might have dyslexia.”

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