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Me Too! Campaign

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month! 

Decoding Dyslexia VA would like to join together with our parents and educators during this month to celebrate our community.  In an effort to increase dyslexia awareness in our state we are asking for you to consider hosting a Dyslexia Support Group during the month of October. Big or Small each gathering will make a difference to our community.

Below we have put together a step by step how to guide to host your support group meeting, to include printable sheets, flyers and topic suggestions.

There is nothing better than hearing the words “Me Too” from someone on a similar journey.

The Me Too! Campaign starts Oct 1, Join Us!!!!!


How-to-Guide: Organizing a Dyslexia Support Meeting

 Commit to holding a support meeting

  1. Pick a date and time
  2. Choose a venue
    1. Library
    2. Schools
    3. Community Centers
    4. Churches
    5. Starbucks, Panera or coffee shop
    6. Homes
  3. Contact DDVA asap with your event details, we will share and publicize on our social media platforms
  4. Advertise through:
    1. Local distribution lists
    2. Produce a paper flyer (optional) Template found below
    3. Word of mouth
    4. School PTAs
    5. Your personal social media pages
  5. Create a topic focus
    1. Start a discussion based on a specific IDA fact sheet
    2. Discuss getting involved at a local/state/federal level
    3. IEPs or 504 Accommodations, “what works”
    4. Assistive technology (demonstration)
    5. Invite a professional in the field of dyslexia to share their expertise (optional)
    6. Watch Embracing Dyslexia or another related film
  6. Day of the meeting:
    1. Bring refreshments or not (it’s been done successfully both ways)
    2. DDVA suggests setting up:
      1. A reference resource list can be found here:
      2. Resource table (if willing to pick up in Fairfax and if it is available)
  1. Use a sign in sheet available from DDVA to have attendees entered into our database for future communication
  2. Have name tags and pens available (optional)
  3. DDVA mission statement and goals one pager available to introduce the grassroots movement
  4. Highlight the support meetings as a place to build community and lend support to each other
  5. Introduce discussion topic
  6. Facilitate questions and conversations
  7. Steer discussion into solution driven areas if one or more of your attendees gets ‘unnecessarily’ negative for an extended time
  8. Close with appreciation for parents taking the time to join DDVA
  9. Take pictures for DDVA to post on social media platforms
  10. Follow up on questions posed to DDVA
  11. Send sign up sheet to Cameron Hoffman to be entered into our DDVA database

Printable Flyer Template

(click on image, then right click and save to your files for future printing)


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