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DDVA Meets Scott Sonnon

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DDVA member Kristin Kane and her family had the opportunity to sit down with Scott Sonnon.


If you don’t know who Scott Sonnon is, or if you haven’t had the opportunity to watch his recent TEDx video, take 15 minutes to watch.  When your done, come on back and let it all sink in.



Wow, right?

Ok, fast forward to recent news that a speaking tour is in the works!  I know, I know we will keep you posted about Virginia!

Wait it get’s better…. Scott has asked for our community’s help with his presentation.  Talk about really representing our kids and their strengths.

Below you will find Scott Sonnon’s request and the guidelines of how we can get involved.  Please spread the word!!  What a tremendous opportunity for our dyslexic kids to shine, and to be appreciated by all who come out to see this tour.

Cheers, Decoding Dyslexia VA


Scott’s Request:

Dear parents of our proud dyslexic amateur artists,

I am about to give the first of many free admission public spending engagements for Decoding Dyslexia, on August 11 in Michigan. (The national tour is being organized for 2015, intending to be coordinated between DD, Eye to Eye and the Museum of Discovery.)

In my multi-media, audience interactive, town-hall presentations, I’ll be using a Mac Keynote overhead projection of visual imagery to aid in the multi-sensory grokking of the concepts discussed. I need drawings which illustrate 6 key concepts. If your child would want to volunteer, and I use their illustration in the presentation, I’ll give them full credit on the slide and in the videos to be published free to YouTube. Message me in private here and I’ll give you the 5 concepts from which to select one or more to draw and submit. I’ll only be selecting one drawing per child so I can showcase the diversity of talents from our “1 in 5s” wunderkin. Deadline is AUG03 and selections made on AUG04.

I’m so looking forward to their wonderful drawings!

We are Legion,

Scott Sonnon

Chief Operations Officer



Here’s the request I’ve been sending the parents who’re contacting me, so I can both involve our kids in my presentation AND celebrate their talents AND offer a multi-sensory presentation!

Dear parents,

Please ask your child to select one or more of these illustrations to create:

1. A drawing of “Positive Perspective” – how what seems to be a negative, seen through a reflection, like a mirror, pool of water, a light casting a shadow, etc, can be your most powerful positive!

2. A drawing of “Allies and Assets” – show your group of friends, family, teachers and therapists can help you find and grow your unique talents, like a community, tribe, team striving to help one of its members.

3. A drawing of the “Victory of your Voice” – share an illustration of how your style of learning has helped you develop a unique voice in the world, like your song or symphony of expression.

4. A drawing of your “Purposeful Process” – draw an example of one or more of your unique strategies for learning in your own way. Everyone has their own Process for learning; finding your process reveals your purpose. What’s yours?

5. A drawing of your “Original Organization” – an illustration of how you transformed, through hard work, one of your ideas in reality. We are each originals. How has your hard work helped you make cities out of the clouds of your imagination?

Please use a 8.5×11 sheet, and send in JPG format to with the subject heading DRAWING TO DECODE DYSLEXIA.

I’ll send out notifications of the selected drawings on AUG05.

Thank you so much for ALL of your drawings. This isn’t a contest for who’s is best, but only for which one could fit the presentation most accurately. They’re all precious to me, so thank you for every one of your drawings!

We are Legion,

Scott Sonnon


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