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Raising Dyslexia Awareness

Raising Dyslexia Awareness

We have an ask and this is an easy one. A quick click of the mouse just once and your vote for our DDVA blog helsp keep it in the top ten list of LD blogs hosted by SkinnyScoop.


Please follow this link or click on the image and cast your vote for our Decoding Dyslexia VA Blog as resource for Dyslexia.


Then, if you are moved to go ahead share the request with you friends and family.

We thank each and everyone of you and truly appreciate your continued support in raising dyslexia awareness and speaking up for our dyslexic children.

DDVA Families

Summer is coming!

summer programs.jpg

We invite our supporting organizations to send us their summer time programs, camps, workshops, sessions, etc.  DDVA will work to put together a resource for Virginia families looking for opportunities for summer activities enrollment.

Please submit program details to now through March 30, 2014.

March 15, 2014 Show Me Your 1 in 5

March 15, 2014 Show Me Your 1 in 5

On March 15th, 46 Decoding Dyslexia states will be asking the public to display their “1 in 5” proudly for all to see.

This 1 in 5 campaign is piggybacking the observation of National Reading Month, with the reminder that 1 in 5 individuals is dyslexic and struggle with reading everyday.

Want to join in? Here is all you have to do.

“Write it out!”

Write, post, print, sky write the words: “1 in 5” on something; your hand, a t-shirt, car window, post it note, even a banner.

Take a picture of it and share it!

  • Post it to your Facebook page!
  • Post it to our Facebook page: Decoding Dyslexia VA
  • Post it on Twitter! @ddva13
  • Instagram it!
  • Pin it!

Include the hashtag #showme1in5 so we can all connect.

This campaign is to raise Dyslexia awareness.

1 in 5 individuals is dyslexic; early identification and proper intervention are key to helping these children succeed in their education.

Thank you from all of us DDVA! We look forward to seeing your “1 in 5” posts this Saturday, March 15th!!

Susan Barton presents in Virginia this May

barton flyer

Learn about dyslexia from leading expert, Susan Barton. 

Click here to RSVP

You’ll learn:

  1. Dyslexia’s inheritance patterns and the genetic link
  2. The symptoms of mild dyslexia in adults
  3. The classic warning signs in children
  4. Why most dyslexic children don’t qualify for special ed
  5. Research-based  “best practices”  to improve spelling, reading, and writing
  6. Why tutoring alone is not enough  —  and much more!!!

Certificate of continuing education provided by request.

Who should attend?

Parents who are trying to determine if dyslexia is their child’s issue, or who know it is and need to understand all the areas that it will impact, including math and memorization

Teachers who don’t understand why children who can’t master spelling and struggle with reading don’t qualify for special education services

Reading Specialists who need to know how to informally identify which of their struggling readers may have dyslexia — and what to do to help them

Principals who want to start early intervention programs to achieve the goal of No Child Left Behind — that every student is reading at grade level by the end of third grade

Resource Specialists who need to know how to close the gap for students who have a learning disability

School Psychologists who want to learn to distinguish dyslexia from other learning disabilities

Speech Language Therapists who are often the first specialists to work with dyslexic children because of their difficulty articulating R’s and L’s, M’s and N’s, and S, SH and CH

Pediatricians who are often asked by parents to test their children for dyslexia

Counselors and Psychologists who often deal with the lifelong emotional damage that undetected dyslexia and academic failure causes

Click here for a list of upcoming presentations.

Susan Barton is trained in seven different Orton-Gillingham-based programs and teaches graduate-level courses on dyslexia through the University of San Diego.

Susan was recently inducted into the International Dyslexia Association’s Hall of Honor.

Click here  to learn more about Susan.

VA DOE Resource Manuals

VA State Department of Education Manuals

thumnail VADOE SOL       VADOE Sped Parent guide             Guidlines for sped VADOE

SOL Implementation Manuals can be found here:

Special Education Parents Rights Manual can be found here:

Guidelines for Educating Students with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD)

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