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February 4th Everyone can Participate – Join Us!

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February 4th Everyone can Participate - Join Us!

Can’t make it to Richmond, VA on February 4th?

Join us anyway!!!

Two easy steps and you can be heard on the 4th too!

1 – Find your Legislator! Here:
2 – Write an email and/or make a phone call

SAMPLE LETTER (or create your own, personalize your story, include pictures and email it to your legislator.)

Be sure to include your name and address

Dear XXX,
Members of Decoding Dyslexia Virginia have traveled to Richmond today to increase awareness for dyslexia. I support their mission and would like you to review the informational packets they drop off in your office today, this is an important issue to our family.
We are advocating for Virginia to implement:

· Teacher/staff training on dyslexia, its warning signs and appropriate intervention strategies

· Early screening tests for dyslexia to include parental notification

· Evidenced-based dyslexia remediation programs implemented with fidelity which can be accessed by both general and special education populations

· Access to appropriate “assistive technologies” in the public school setting for students with dyslexia

Thank you for your time and service!

123 any st
town, VA zip


“Hello, my name is XXX, I am a constituent of Senator/ Delegate XXXX. I am calling today in support of the members of Decoding Dyslexia VA, who have traveled to Richmond today to raise dyslexia awareness. I would like make sure your office is aware that this is an important issue to our family. Decoding Dyslexia VA will be delivering packets of information to your office today. That packet will outline dyslexia and it’s impact, DDVA goals, and a multitude of personal accounts from VA families who are dealing with similar issues as our own family, I would like to encourage your office to review that packet. Thank you for you time and service!”

For additional talking points:


  1. says:

    Thank you Decoding Dyslexia VA!I’m sorry I can’t make it to Richmond on the 4th but I will definitely send an e-mail to my legislator!  Thank you for the sample letter!Here’s to helping ALL children learn to read before they fail!Appreciatively,JackieJaclyn ParisFounder / OwnerReadventures, LLC443-528-5083 Website: readventuresgames   Like us on     

  2. Stacy says:

    What if I would like to join you — where do I find more info? Thanks.

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